ISCO Membership

The purpose of ISCO is to promote and foster the exchange and diffusion of information and ideas relating to human neoplastic diseases including the biology, diagnosis, staging, treatment, and psychosocial impact of cancer on human beings. As well as, encourage and support clinical research and facilitate communication between disciplines.


Who can join?
Membership in the Society is open to all professionals whose primary endeavor is the delivery of oncology care. This includes physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and pharmacists. Membership is restricted to those individuals primarily delivering care in the State of Idaho.

How much does it cost?
Membership is FREE to qualified professionals.

What does ISCO do?
Most state-level ASCO organizations are involved with communicating timely professional information to their members, monitoring legislative issues affecting our profession, and sharing best practices information. ISCO is undergoing a rebirth of sorts, and the members involved in reshaping ISCO will decide the things that are most important for our state society to focus on. Please join us in helping to shape the future of ISCO!

Join Online Now!

Or please click here to download the .pdf form, fill it out and either email back to the address on the form or email it to [email protected]



Contact [email protected] for more information about Corporate Membership Privileges.